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A day in the life of a boutique owner

✨ A Day in the life of a boutique owner
"It must be easy owning a boutique?" 😂🤪 Anybody can sell clothes! Is this a job, or just a hobby? Since you don't make the clothes, you sell you must work for someone else? If they only knew what it's really like!
Owning a boutique isn't always what it may seem like. Here is just a little what goes into owning my boutique.
Consistently coming up with new ways to be creative and I don't mean arts and crafts, I mean showing ways I'm different and what sets me apart from everyone else.
Might sound easy for most, but it's tougher than what you may think. When you have tons of boutiques out there, I have to try to show everyone how I'm different!
You truly NEVER have a day off!!! Very few will put in the effort like you do. And because you put in so much effort, your brain is constantly coming up with other things to make your boutique stand out! There are times I jump up from being sound asleep thinking of a new way to show our new arrivals or planning a live.
Then next thing I know it's time to get my son ready for school. Your brain really never shuts off.
Sometimes it feels really lonely. Who knew a place with so many fun colors can make you feel lonely. Why? Because you're in a constant go. Sometimes I think am I the only one that feels this way?
Most people think I play dress up. It isn't playing dress up at all oh how I wish it was. It's about hitting your goals, being unique, SEO, being the photographer, being the shopper, planning post, going live, plus million more things.
I have to know every aspect of my job. Why? Because I'm a small business. I have to get down and dirty with my business, in order to succeed. I have to do things I don't like to do, things I fear. (Going live)
Buying inventory is a guessing game. Would they like this color? Do they like dresses? I'm I buying this top because I like it? Would they like this style?
Giving up! I can't lie and say there hasn't been a times where I feel like I'm done. Most recently I have really felt like throwing it all away. But I know damn well I wouldn't just give it all up and walk away! I just sometimes feel defeated!
Most of the time I can't even pay myself. I work hard each and every day and there has been lots of times I can't even cash a paycheck. Lots of times I have to throw it back into the business. It takes money to make money.
This might seem like a negative post, but I promise it isn't. Just being a realist. I know the question you are probably thinking why are you doing this? Well, it takes passion to continue doing something that has all these emotions and feelings into it. It takes love! Dedication. Determination to get up every day and hustle!
Nothing makes me happier than seeing a customer love an item they have purchased from my store as much as I do. Not because it's cute but because she can relate to it. It makes her feel the confidence she deserves!!!! How lucky am I to make women feel good in what they wear.
It makes me stronger even when I don't see it or when I'm tired. It helps me believe in myself!
XOXO, ❤️
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